Very Blessed

Before I got hired on to work with Suncrest hospice I was working in an assisted living facility. When I was working there I had a great comfort knowing that the team of Suncrest was there to help with the residents. As an outsider looking in, I was pleased to know that they took great pride in making sure the residents were comfortable and had everything they needed. The entries team also made sure that the families and the facility were supported through the entire dying experience. As I now get the privilege to be a part of Suncrest I am realizing the depths of compassion that everyone has for our patients, families and referring sources. I feel very blessed to be working with Suncrest because they have truly changed my perception of life and death. They have helped me grow in my career as well as my character. They have also help me realized that being with the patients at the end of life is a beautiful experience to be apart of. I look forward to many more years with Suncrest that I now call my family.